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A Stunning Monarch Summer Wedding

Working with Sydney and Tucker was a dream!! This fun loving couple waltzed into my life about two and a half years ago, and we quickly became best friends. Sydney has a creative spirit that encourages my creativity, and Tucker just tries to keep us all sane and on track! Over the last year, Sydney has also jumped into the Floral Pop business assisting me with designing and other various tasks related to the Floral Pop. Their summer wedding at the Monarch is one to be remembered.

Sydney and Tucker met after being set up on a blind date by Tucker’s aunt and Sydney’s sister. What?!? When I heard this, I thought this was a terrible idea, but hey! Two and a half years later Tucker proposed, and they have been happily married for almost a year now!

Quick intro moment… Hi! My name is Maegan and I am the owner and lead designer for the Floral Pop! I love to work with couples, just like you, to help your wedding dreams come true. You can learn more about me HERE and browse my galleries in order to see if we could be a good fit.

Jumping back in… When Sydney got engaged, we immediately began looking at venues, and she asked me to assist her with the process. I mean, what’s a best friend for right?! So off we went to search for venues. As soon as we walked into The Monarch, it was love at first sight for Sydney and I. This historic hardware store turned venue exudes charm with modern elements. The Monarch creates a blank canvas while also containing elements of mid-century modern and art deco styles. While the first floor is typically used as the ceremony space with its concrete floors, white exposed brick walls and modern light fixtures, the upstairs reception hall is a contrast with its exposed brick walls and hardwood floors.

If you haven’t checked out The Monarch yet, then you NEED to!! While browsing this gallery, you will see how stunning their space truly is. I loved spending time here and working with their team to create a beautiful wedding day for the couple. Being in the space was inspiring as a designer since there were so many special elements and touches that you could add to make the space fit your personality and style.

Other highlights of this venue are that the table and chair rentals are included in the space rental price, there are large bridal and groom suites, and The Monarch has a very friendly staff who are great to work with. They open the venue every Wednesday night for tours and for future brides to design within the space. I also LOVED all of the lighting and windows in the space, and your photographer will too :)

Some downsides of the venue, in my opinion, are that the location is not ideal as it is located 70 miles from Nashville so your guests may need overnight lodging in Cookeville (where the venue is located). While the venue has created a beautiful courtyard, there is a lack of green space for photos outside or an outdoor cocktail hour. Another note is that the kitchen located upstairs is on the smaller side, but there is one available.

So back to Sydney and Tucker, they were married on July 10, and the weather was perfect and their day was lovely! Sydney came to me with a beautiful colour palette and a basic idea of what she was looking for in her florals, and we were able to pull off the most beautiful floral cloud to date! Sydney highly recommends creating a mood board when creating a colour scheme for your wedding day as it allowed her to visually create the overall feel of their wedding day to share with vendors.

Sydney’s bouquet included: toffee roses, quicksand roses, blush butterfly ranunculus, white cosmos, and Sydney’s fav, peonies, white dahlias, and dried elements. I loved creating this bouquet! Another beautiful touch was Sydney wanted miniature bouquets to honor the mother of the bride and groom instead of the typical wrist corsage. This added a very nice look for family pictures so that the mom’s had something to hold as well. Another lesson we learned at Sydney’s wedding was that if you are having a summer wedding, then it might be a good idea to ask your florist to create a second boutonniere for your groom to keep the flowers fresh for pictures because it could have a tendency to wilt depending on the floral variety. Tucker’s boutonniere wilted after the ceremony, and we had the backup ready for family pictures to look fresh.

Overall, working with Sydney and Tucker was a special experience and being introduced to their venue, The Monarch, made the day even better! Your venue is a huge part of your wedding day, and we, at the Floral Pop, highly recommend checking them out!




Ribbon for Bridal Bouquet:


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