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A Classic Autumn Wedding at the Wedding Woods

Where to begin?! I have known Arielle and Jackson since before high school! We went to the same co-op and tutorial growing up, but Arielle and I became friends during high school. While I never thought of Arielle and Jackson being together during our friendship, when I found out they were dating, it all made so much sense!! Arielle and Jackson are two precious souls who share a love of Disney World and the outdoors. Arielle is a simple yet spunky lady while Jackson is a kind and quiet man. They balance each other out perfectly, just like their beautiful wedding at the wedding woods venue.

Hi! Pausing here to introduce myself. My name is Maegan, and I am the owner and lead designer at the Floral Pop! I love working with couples in order to share in their love story by helping them to design and craft their perfect wedding day. Working on this wedding with Arielle and Jackson was no different! If you'd like to chat more about your day, you can reach out here.

Arielle and Jackson were engaged in 2021, and Arielle immediately called me, her high school best friend, to help her design their florals. I was honored!! We set up a consultation in order for Arielle to begin sharing all of the ideas and details that she had planned for their wedding day.

When Arielle began describing her vision, I was completely on board! A simple fall wedding with a neutral color palette containing white florals and greenery with touches of blush. Arielle wanted to focus on the bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces so simple yet classic just like she and Jackson’s relationship. After looking at her inspiration and knowing her so well, I was able to easily select the florals that she would look back on and remember forever. Designing these florals for her was a dream!

When the wedding day came on October 16, 2022, it was the most beautiful fall day. Fall foliage set a stunning backdrop, and when the sunlight beamed through the trees, it created a dreamy moment that the wedding photographer loved! There is nothing as special as handing the bride a bouquet before she walks down the aisle to her new forever partner, but it is even more special when it is a close friend that you have had for years. Being able to be a part of this moment for Arielle and Jackson was a true honor and a gift.

If you are looking for a florist to share in your vision, and to be pumped about handing you your specially crafted bouquet on your wedding day, then set up a consultation at the Floral Pop. I would love to work with you as we create your perfect day!





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